Room Makeovers – are they for you?

A room makeover – just what you need to shake off the blahs!

What is a room makeover?

Reviving and refreshing a space with:

Colour  (paint, accent pieces, art);

Lighting (lamps, window treatments, skylights);

Furniture layout (identify focal point, maximize the space in the room, create flow);

Furniture choices (make the most of pieces the client owns; source pieces that give the client the biggest bang for their buck)

A room makeover is not taking down walls, rewiring, modifying ceiling height, and other structural changes.

That’s a renovation, and you need a professional interior designer.

Before you embark on a room makeover, consider this:

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Room Makeover Extraordinaire: Scrap-booking Paradise

Room Makeover Success Story

Elegant Strategies has just completed an enjoyable collaboration on what I would call “a scrap-booker’s paradise”, a room which my client said would henceforth be her “happy place”. Making the most of her existing space and transforming existing furniture has changed this spare room from a little weary to wow. [Read more…]

How to sell your home – Part 3

After location considerations, the three essential things that potential buyers are looking for, according to the Real Estate Staging Association® and Certified Staging Professionals®, are 1] hardwood floors in good condition, 2] a fresh, neutral paint job throughout the home, and 3] lots of storage space that is well-organized. Promise me you won’t go out and paint the house stark white, just because white is a neutral colour. There are so many beautiful whites, [Read more…]