Easy Organizing Tips for your home #6

I’ve written several blogs about easy organizing and I hope that my good ideas aren’t falling on deaf ears! Below is an excerpt from an Australian blogger named Marissa Roberts, and she  says a lot of what I’ve told you. Sometimes it’s more memorable if it comes from an exotic source, and Australia is rather exotic, so here goes:

“I’m going to show you the little trick I use to declutter my house simply & effectively.

It has nothing to do with how much time you have or the amount of ‘stuff’ in your home.

It’s all about the emotion behind the activity.

Something I hear over and over from clients is that decluttering is too hard because it takes a long time – but most often, the truth is it takes a long time because it’s hard to decide what you should keep and what you should throw out or give away (don’t worry – I’ll show you how to do this with little stress and heartache).

If you want your home to run smoothly, it needs to be clear and well organised.

You’ll be amazed at what decluttering your house can do for you:

1) Physically: You’ll have space to put things away quickly and easily, making cleaning much easier as well

2) Emotionally: You’ll LOVE living in a house with more room, more space – you’ll truly feel a weight off your shoulders and your home will become your haven.”

In Marissa’s blog, she links emotions to the act of decluttering and the result of decluttering. One of her tips is a technique I’ve used for years, but no one’s heard of me! I collect stuff from, say, the clothes closet, and put it in a bag with a sticker on it, saying the date I bagged the clothes. I keep it in our garage or basement storage or the guest room closet. A few months later, if I haven’t gone looking for any of those clothes, they are HISTORY! If I haven’t wanted to wear something during the appropriate season, i.e. a summer dress during the summer months, then I either don’t like it that much or I’ve gained or lost weight or I have something else I prefer. That bag can be opened quickly to double-check the contents, and then it’s donated to charity.

This works beautifully with books, clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac, and general household items. There is ALWAYS a good charity that can use your donations. Personally, I go back and forth between Cerebral Palsy and my church’s ‘Nearly New Sale’, spring or fall. And if it’s wintery stuff or anything Christmassy, I donate it to my church to sell at the Christmas Bazaar.

This is a common-sense way to clear your home, whether it’s just for daily living that you’d like more space, or because you’re planning to move. For more practical organizing tips, please contact:



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