Home Staging and Showcasing


Selling your home? Most buyers start house-hunting on-line. How your home looks for the MLS real estate listing is CRITICAL. Most buyers eliminate properties immediately if they don’t like what they see on-line. This is shortsighted, but it happens all the time. They could be missing out on a gem — your home!

Nancy McPherson, from Elegant Strategies for your home, will meet  you for a 2 to 3-hour analysis and consultation, depending on property size. You’re provided with a checklist at the end of the appointment to help you as you ready your property. Within 24-36 hours, you will receive a written analysis of your home on a room-by-room basis, including exterior spaces. An estimate of the cost for Elegant Strategies to stage your home will be included.

Clients will be provided with PRACTICAL staging recommendations, including:

  • Necessary repairs; safety first.
  • Possible cosmetic upgrades such as painting, landscaping, updating light fixtures and/or bathroom mirrors, hardwood floor re-finishing. If painting is required, a paint colour will be recommended during the initial analysis;
  • Culling & cleaning suggestions;
  • Items to store temporarily;
  • The importance of light in your property. Your home needs to look as bright and clean and large as possible.

The condition of your property is critical. Any task you leave undone because it’s too expensive or time-consuming will strike potential buyers in exactly the same way. There is a strong chance that prospective buyers will over-estimate the cost of repairs because they are making decisions ‘on the go’ and not as a result of careful research.

Once the physical work has been completed, the final step in staging is showcasing to help your home shine at its brightest. Let us showcase your place to show off its potential, maximize room size, heighten curb appeal, and help you get the best return on your investment!