Kitchen Pantry Project adds function

Recently, I helped a client with a modest kitchen and no separate pantry get organized. It was tricky for the home owners to take advantage of sales on non-perishables, for instance, because there was insufficient space in the kitchen to store things until they were needed. However, the kitchen opens on to the family room and this provided a good solution.

I suggested we modify the broom closet in the family room, mere steps from the kitchen. This was a good sized space with a bi-fold door and many shelves — but the shelves were just a bit difficult to reach to be practical on a daily basis.

With the addition of multiple shelves at a lower height and built on an angle, my client gained good storage without giving up space for the vacuum cleaner, broom and Swiffer.

New shelving

New shelving


Lots of storage

This small project  added lots of storage in close proximity to the kitchen. Now, everyday items such as light bulbs, batteries, bin bags for recycling, paper towels and tissues, can be bought in bulk and stored until required. There’s still ample room for the  vacuum and other essentials, and when the door is opened, nothing falls out on the homeowner! A small project can have a very happy and practical outcome. And, down the road when this family sells their home, this is a helpful storage space instead of an untidy and over-crowded eyesore. If your home needs organizing help, please contact:


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