Room Makeovers – are they for you?

A room makeover – just what you need to shake off the blahs!

What is a room makeover?

Reviving and refreshing a space with:

Colour  (paint, accent pieces, art);

Lighting (lamps, window treatments, skylights);

Furniture layout (identify focal point, maximize the space in the room, create flow);

Furniture choices (make the most of pieces the client owns; source pieces that give the client the biggest bang for their buck)

A room makeover is not taking down walls, rewiring, modifying ceiling height, and other structural changes.

That’s a renovation, and you need a professional interior designer.

Before you embark on a room makeover, consider this:

  •  do you own a piece of art, an area rug, a piece of furniture, something that makes you light up when  you see it? That’s the inspiration piece I want to see.  What makes you love it —  colour, shape, pattern, texture, style? That’s our starting point for the room makeover.
  • decide on a budget. For a major room makeover (master bedroom, living room, family room), a range of $5,000 to $10,000 for labour and purchases is generous. (Professional painting, and labour for installing light fixtures, hanging a new door, or installing new window treatments, will easily go to a few thousand.)  For a smaller room makeover (i.e. bedroom, family room, sun room, entrance, laundry room), the cost will be less, and up to $5,000 is a workable amount. These are ballpark figures only, because each room makeover is unique. It depends on the client’s wishes and budget. You can spend less and still improve your space; it depends on what you want and need. I can give you a fresh look for a very modest price. I do not encourage clients to over-spend.
  • last thing — think about how great your room will look and feel after the makeover!

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