Room Makeover Extraordinaire: Scrap-booking Paradise

Room Makeover Success Story

Elegant Strategies has just completed an enjoyable collaboration on what I would call “a scrap-booker’s paradise”, a room which my client said would henceforth be her “happy place”. Making the most of her existing space and transforming existing furniture has changed this spare room from a little weary to wow. We used bold  colours, contemporary and super-efficient storage, and sleek and elegant accessories, and gave this scrap-booker’s inner diva a glamorous and uplifting spot to work happily and creatively, not to mention comfortably.

It started with my artistic client concerned that her scrap-booking space was not working for her. Inadequate and unhelpful storage translated into inconvenient and sometimes downright painful stretches, awkward lifting and uncomfortable squats in order to reach her treasure trove of ribbon, bling, flower petals and pages. Now, please understand that my client is a very fit, zumba-loving lady, but spending time on one’s hobby should be relaxing, not excruciating!

As we all know, pictures are worth more than words. In this case, that is certainly the truth. What follows is the transformation of a worn-well space into a beautiful, vibrant place that works efficiently and brings a smile to the face. Enjoy!

From here…a cosy but tired work space, needing some TLC to reflect its owner’s upbeat personality…


and here…


to…pizzazz galore! the good-quality solid desk is given a new life with several coats of primer and white semi-gloss, and the accent wall is high style with several coats of Sherwin-Williams’ Dynamo, uplifting art work and a charming, lacy-looking mirror to magnify the light in the room. Fuschia totes in three different sizes are useful and adorable at the same time. A sleek new glossy black desk lamp adds function and chic. A generous bulletin board on the end wall will be the ‘inspiration board’.



Re-purposed storage that’s functional, as well as bright, elegant and easily accessible…


Some new storage, reasonably priced, contemporary and clean, versatile and made charming by more fuschia totes, and scrapbooking materials and tools. We also installed fresh window blinds, a sleek chrome and white enamel ceiling fixture and a fresh, white accordion door for the closet. Little things can pack a punch.



And a happy client, ready to create more scrapbooking memories for friends and family! Enjoy your ‘happy place’!




  1. 1

    Absolutely amazing!! Love it!! Love it!!

    As a real estate agent I definitely see the value in organized rooms, and as a scrapbooker myself, I most certainly know how hard it is to organize all of the stuff that we seem to collect. Nancy did an amazing job.

    • 2
      Nancy McPherson says:

      Thanks, Bonnie! I’m pleased you approve, both as an agent and as a scrap booker. It was great to combine getting my client more practical work space, light and storage, at the same time we created an elegant but fun spot for spending time.

  2. 3

    Beautiful transformation! I luv the Dynamo …. certainly makes me want to scrap-book. I would never have thought to use fuschia, but it works so well.
    Congrats on another glorious project.

    • 4
      Nancy McPherson says:

      Thanks so much! That fuschia was my client’s choice; it was important that the main wall have impact and inspire her at her desk. I knew it would look fabulous with the bright white furniture and accessories, and the result is very uplifting.

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