The Twelve Trees of Christmas: A Little Girl’s First Christmas – Part 10

When I finished decorating this Christmas tree, I was so pleased (tickled pink??) with the result that I had to text a couple of  friends to get their reaction, in case it was just me. This tree is darling and girlie, and I think anyone who has had daughters, granddaughters, or been a daughter, will have a similar reaction: “Awwwwwwww”. It is not a cool motif, by any means, so teenaged girls may be immune. (Maybe not!). This is not to say that only females will appreciate this tree; I think that new dads or grampas would also find this quite endearing.


The theme works nicely on the dark green, but would be a definite “WOW” on a white tree. If you find all this pink overly sexist or conventional, please notice that there are also silver and violet touches to give a little more depth to the look and, frankly,  try finding baby ornaments that aren’t pink or blue!

The ornaments work for a new-born but, with the removal of a few kangaroos, the odd stork and teddy bear, it is equally appropriate for the family that is welcoming its first little girl to the magic and beauty of Christmas. If this motif would make your already-special Christmas even more memorable, please email me at Feel free to leave your opinion by clicking on “Leave a Comment” under the main title of the blog entry.

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