The Twelve Trees of Christmas: It’s Snowing Cats and Dogs! – Part 12

Compliments of the season! I set myself a goal of designing twelve custom Christmas trees this December. There’s quite a variety of themes and colour schemes, traditional and a little more adventurous. I hope you’ll have time to look at all of them, or at least find one that takes your fancy. Details can be obtained by contacting me,, and will be posted shortly under Services – Christmas Interiors on my website.

This Christmas Tree will bring a smile to the pet lover’s face. It pays tribute to our favourite furry friends, our cats and dogs. We have a dear little dog, a coton de tulear, and she is both our baby and our boss. Life has changed so much since she came into our family 10+ years ago. Chloe was my inspiration for this Christmas tree, and I hope that any cat and/or dog lovers seeing this take a moment to give their four-legged family a hug.

From the playful kittens swinging in the wreaths to the jaunty Scotty dogs and the handsome German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, appropriately framed in big hearts, there are many delightful and amusing critters nestled on these branches. This is a really family-friendly Christmas tree!


At Christmas, we try to be generous and thoughtful towards our loved ones and those less fortunate. May I suggest we include our less fortunate furry friends in our generosity? Please consider making a donation to the Ottawa Humane Society this Christmas. There are many, many loving animals who would benefit so much from every dollar you can spare.

A portion of my fee for this tree will be given in support of the Ottawa Humane Society. So, if this Christmas tree motif warms your heart and you’d like to have it adorn your home this season, please contact me at



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    Another winner. Just love your ideas!

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