The Twelve Trees of Christmas: Just for Fun – Part 11

When the elves on this Christmas tree made my acquaintance, I knew they had to come home with me. They fit in perfectly with my idea of a slightly different Christmas colour scheme – vivid red, aqua and lime green on a dazzling white tree. Have a good look, they’re in there!


Finding them confirmed my notion that this could be a really fun combination of colour, shape, shine and playfulness. So they made themselves right at home, enjoying the photo session (they were naturals!), and just looking at this tree brings a smile to one’s face. While I love the snowy white background of this tree, the design would also look great on a traditional dark green artificial tree or on a real tree.


Elves preparing for the holidays

Elves preparing for the holidays



Please let me know if these little elves would be welcome visitors at your home this Christmas, by emailing me at to discuss travel arrangements. If you’d like, please leave some feedback at “Leave a Comment” in the line under the main title of this blog entry.

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