The Twelve Trees of Christmas: Little Boy’s First Christmas – Part 7

This tree is a treasure trove of charming, little-boy-blue Christmas ornaments! Yes, I know it may seem sexist of me to go so heavily with the blue booties, the blue blankie in the stork’s bill, the blue kangaroo mum with her joey in her pouch. Forgive me, I just couldn’t help myself!DSC_0956

This theme also works beautifully on a white or live green tree. I’ve combined white and silver ornaments with the blue ones for an appealing mix of textures, shine and colour. This was a pleasure to work on. If you want to mark your little boy’s or little grandson’s first Christmas in your family, this is a lovely way to make it special. To discuss, please email Please leave a comment by clicking on ‘Leave a Comment’ under the main title of the blog entry.


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