Why Stage your home?

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Reasons to hire a professional to stage your home, and there are many:

Showing an unstaged, unfurnished house is a gamble. If a property is flawless, the all-important MLS photos will be okay. Perhaps not very interesting, but serviceable. An empty property requires buyers to have very good imaginations — and the time to bother visualizing how it might look. Professional home staging is essential to give you the best and quickest shot at selling your home advantageously.

The thing is, most homes are not flawless. When your home is empty, every little nick and dent shows. Putting an entirely empty house on the market is simply magnifying any flaws it possesses. Suddenly, every imperfection, no matter how insignificant, is put in the spotlight. Perhaps an offer will be made, but the house’s imperfections are fresh in the buyer’s mind when they come up with a figure. And most likely, it will not be the figure you want or need.

IN NO WAY is staging your home duping prospective buyers! Every home has little things that aren’t quite perfect, but the home is still perfectly safe, livable, valuable and enjoyable.

Staging your home helps it sell faster and often for a better price. And there’s nothing sneaky about demonstrating how desirable it would be to own it and showcasing its potential. That’s just good business. (Reprinted from the Real Estate Staging Association-Ottawa Chapter blog, article written by Nancy McPherson).

At Elegant Strategies, the goal is to help you make the most of your home, whether you are planning to sell and need professional home staging, or are just hoping to freshen up your place, and need help from someone who knows how and what to do. In other words, whether you’re selling or dwelling, we help you make your home the best it can be.

If you’re entering the real estate market, this is why you stage your home:

  1. To get the best return on your investment. Staged homes are proven to help homeowners get a better price. Your home is the biggest investment of your life – let us ensure you maximize its appeal to prospective buyers.
  2. To sell your home faster. Staged homes are proven to be on the market for a shorter time before selling.  Make that frustrating selling period as brief as possible, and get on with the rest of your life.
  3. To be as competitive as possible in the market. Staged homes are showcased to stand out from the competition and make a fabulous first impression, on-line and in person.